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1. Company Data

1 - Grand wings luxury chauffeurs Lda
2 - Rua dos Firefighters Lt 3 , 3.º B 8500-649 Portimão
3 - Contacts: PT+351938843853 | PT+351967988598 | UK +447423095548 | CH +41798013496 | booking@gwchauffeurs.com
4 - Travel Agency | RNAVT License nº 7874/20185 - This company meets all the requirements required by law, transfer and assistance to tourists in national territory under Portuguese Law (activities of Tourism and Travel Agencies) (DL 17/2018 08 Mar / EU directive 2023 /2015)
6 - Business regulator – Tourism Office of Portugal | info@turismodeportugal.pt
7 - We are registered on the Portuguese Complaints Book platform | livroreclamacoes.pt

2. Payments and Deposits

1 - On our website (www.gwchauffeurs.com) GW offers the user the following payment methods via Viva Payments Services SA : a) Credit card ( Visa, Mastercard ); b) ATM reference; c) money transfer; d) Alipay
2 - On our website, GW also offers payment via Paypal .
3 - In exceptional cases we accept cash and only if there is no other form of payment. When for any reason there is a payment in cash, this payment must be made at the beginning of each job.
4 - Prices must be understood in Euros, with taxes included, taking into account the VAT in force on the date of payment of the order. All prices include VAT, which is charged up to 6%.
5 - There is a 3% surcharge to the customer, charged on all credit/debit card payments.
6 - All direct payments or deposits will only take place after knowledge and confirmation from the company's management . Services received online will be confirmed only after payment verification.
7 - Prices for online bookings do not include holidays and holidays such as Easter, Christmas or New Year's Eve, for which additional charges of 50% will be applied. All other holidays will be subject to a 25% surcharge. In this case, the excess amount will be requested through a second payment by credit card, or by personal payment to the driver.
8 - Payment for the tailor-made car rental, 50% deposit, will be made up to 10 days before the event.
9 - Online reservations always require the payment of 50% of the total amount, as a deposit. The other 50% will be delivered personally to the driver.
10 - Last minute services, due to the short term, require payment of 100% of the agreed amount. Always requires confirmation by email and telephone conversation, if possible, with the responsible team.11 - Charges will be presented as Grand wings luxury Chauffeurs Ltd.

3. Cancellation and Refund Policy

1 - For all bookings, cancellations or changes must be made and accepted by GW Chauffeurs up to 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time. Otherwise, GW Chauffeurs reserves the right to charge the customer the total amount already paid. This also applies to bookings made within 12 hours of the pick-up time.
2 - GW Chauffeurs requires a minimum of 24 hours in advance for any online reservation, if you wish to book a transfer less than 24 hours in advance – Call our reservations team at +351938843853 / +41798013496 / +447423095548
3 - If cancel the reservation within 24 hours from the rental start time, 100 % of all monies paid are non-refundable. it is refundable.
4 - If the customer does not show up at the time and place designated as the collection point, all money paid is non-refundable.
5 - If you cancel an already booked Bespoke service , 9 days before the event, 100% of all money paid is non-refundable.
6 - If you cancel the service at the last minute, within the last minute for pick up, 100% of all money paid is non-refundable.7 - If the cancellation is effected and acknowledged by GW Chauffeurs as mentioned in the previous conditions, GW Chauffeurs will refund the full amount within 14 days.
7 - If the cancellation is made and acknowledged by GW Chauffeurs as mentioned in the previous conditions, GW Chauffeurs will refund the full amount within 14 days.
8 - In all cases in which the payment or deposit is refunded, the same will occur even by deposit in a personal account or credit card; note (any credit card charge is non-refundable)

4. Terms and Conditions

1 - At all times, in service reservations, it must be considered mandatory to mention the amount of luggage.
2 - GW is not responsible for the amount of extra luggage, which may not fit in the contracted vehicle.
3 - Any payments for extra vehicles, which may have to be contracted for excess luggage undeclared during the reservation, are the sole responsibility of the customer.
4 - The reservation may be subject to additional parking costs and waiting time. Most of our reservations include parking and waiting time.
5 - Our waiting policy is 60 minutes after the flight has landed for all airports, reservations outside the airport are only 15 minutes waiting, then you will be charged €65 per hour.
6 - If you want to book a transport less than 12 hours in advance, call our helpline +351 938843853 / +41798013496 / +447423095548
7 - As we are a company based in the Algarve , online reservations that do not include a collection or delivery in the Algarve or Algarve Airport are not considered Algarve Addresses and will therefore require confirmation or reimbursement. This Refund, if any, will be made within the next 14 days by our sales team.
8 - While we do our best to be punctual, you should understand that we cannot be held responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as traffic.
9 - Stop fee: A €20 fee applies to any stops on the way to the drop-off or pick-up location, to pick up another passenger or an item. A 15 minute grace period is allowed at stops.
10 - Our drivers drive at safe and sensible speeds according to road conditions, traffic and legal speed limits.
11 - Our daily rate is increased by 30% and is considered between 20:00 and 06:00 every day.
12 - Customers are responsible for any interior or exterior damage caused to the vehicle that was rented to them. They will be billed for necessary repairs and valet parking.
13 - Subcontracted vehicles may be provided from time to time.
14 - By providing your email address, you allow Grand wings luxury Chauffeurs contact you using emails and in return we promise never to provide it to any third parties.
15 - In case of charges or variations, including extra mileage beyond the agreed, the customer will be charged accordingly.
16 - At any time, if necessary, we reserve the right to change vehicle or driver.
17 - All efforts will be made by us to ensure our vehicle or subcontractors arrive on time.
18 - Our driver(s) always travel the best possible route on the day, unless otherwise stated by the customer at the time of booking.
19 - GW Chauffeurs vehicle(s) and subcontracted vehicles are fully insured for passenger and third party claims. However, the customer's properties are entirely at their own risk and we will not be liable for any damages to such properties.
20 - GW Chauffeurs keeps lost goods in its office and will endeavor to return to the customer any goods that are left in our vehicle(s) or subcontracted vehicle(s) as soon as possible. quickly as possible.
21 - GW Chauffeurs has the right to refuse carriage to any customer who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behavior could pose a threat to the driver or any other passenger(s).
22 - GW Chauffeurs maintains a strict no-smoking policy in all our vehicles.
23 - Online quotes do not allow bank or national holidays, such as Christmas or New Year's Eve, when there may be a surcharge. Please mention on the quote form if the proposed booking falls on a public holiday or any other special date.24 - Nothing mentioned above in these terms and conditions affects the legal rights of the customer.


A. Information Collected

1 - The personal data provided by the user is important so that we can get to know users better and offer you the most accurate information and services possible. This information is recorded in our databases allowing us to have a better relationship with the user. The information is used only by us and is only intended to facilitate the services we provide to you and your browsing experience on our website .

2 - While the user browses our website, some information may be recorded such as access date, IP address and browser type. This data is important for statistical analysis, to improve the functionality of our website and thus improve the user's browsing experience.

3 - During a booking process (mainly processed by email and/or telephone) or an inquiry, we ask for personal data (such as name, address, country, city, email, telephone number and others) necessary to identify the user and complete a reservation or an inquiry.

B. Use of Information

1 - We do not publish, share, sell or rent any personal user data. All information collected is used exclusively by us to make a reservation, answer users' questions, perform statistical analyses, improve our website , communicate accurately with users and for any marketing or promotional campaigns that may be revoked by the user at anytime.

C. Cookies

1 - Cookies are small data files transferred from a website to the user's device. We may use cookies to identify the user if you are a repeat user or simply to store users' language preferences and search dates so that users do not have to select them each time they access our website or each time they browse through different pages of our website.
2 - Our cookies do not contain username, email, address or any other personal information. They only store abstract information related to browsing needs.
3 - Browsers allow the user to eliminate cookies and/or block their use. However, if you do, users should expect reduced performance and interactivity between the site and the user.

D. Security

1 - Our website uses secure and encrypted SSL connections and all information is stored on secure web servers .
E. Privacy Policy Changes

1 - We have the right to change these policies at any time without notice.
F. Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us .
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Contact Us : +351 938843853
This company meets all the requirements required by law, transfer and assistance to tourists in the national territory under Portuguese Law (activities of Tourism and Travel Agencies )

(DL 17/2018 08 Mar / EU Directive 2023/2015).

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